Use Crisis Levels to Prepare for the Unknown

There was the gruesome death by snowplow at the ski resort parking lot. Accusations of mismanagement at a Washington, D.C. attraction. An executive’s insider trading. Sexual harassment at a private school. Carbon monoxide poisoning at a housing project in Baltimore. And many more crises I have managed over the years. Each one is as unpredictable […]

Practically Social Episode 23: Half-Truths, Disinformation and Lies

We need to be on guard against attempts to influence us with messaging trickery, much of it orchestrated from abroad. In this episode of Practically Social, co-hosts Jeff Davis and Charlie Birney dive into the topic of “Dark PR,” based on a session by that name offered by the National Press Club. Takeaways from the […]

Brands Looking for a Simpler Way to Connect

The 2021 Social Media Trends Report by HubSpot and Talkwalker is out, and while it includes multiple TikTok mentions, two predictions stand out. Expect to see a rise in newsletters and podcasts – a return to “old-school marketing” – as brands shift to a simpler way of engaging consumers. From the report: Use newsletters to […]

JD/PR Selected as Maryland PR Agency for National Alliance of Independent PR Pros

PR Consultants Group, a national network of seasoned public relations professionals in top markets across the U.S., has added five new members to its alliance of independent PR firms, including Jeffrey Davis of J. Davis Public Relations (JD/PR) representing Baltimore and Maryland. Davis has more than 25 years of experience in positioning and reputation management, particularly […]

What Journalists Want in Your Online Newsroom: Start with a Real Person

Your website press section could keep you from being quoted in The New York Times. I’ve seen it happen, a missed opportunity that a company in the technology space still doesn’t know about. While handling national PR for the Grand Prix of Baltimore I landed a story about a new technology some of the racing […]

Own the Situation or Let it Own You

Nearly everyone has a cell phone in their pocket and that means you better be extra ready for the spotlight if something goes wrong. Just ask anyone in public health or national politics. I conducted a half-day crisis communications workshop – “Inside the Crisis Communications Command Center: What You Need to Know” – on behalf […]

Content Marketing: Latest Thinking & Strategies

Jeff will be leading a panel discussion at the upcoming Marketing Advertising Communications Summit (Oct. 22-23, 2020) on the topic of content marketing. Hundreds of communicators are expected at the online summit, focusing on what’s working today and what will work in the future. The two-day event is expected to feature 80 keynoters and panelists. […]

Practically Social Episode 18: Meet TikTok Tammy!

You’ve seen her smile-inducing and high-energy dance moves on Good Morning America and the Steve Harvey Show, and now she’s our guest for a special episode of Practically Social! Jeff and Charlie interview Tammy Ortery, a 59-year-old high school guidance secretary from Newport News, VA who proves that people respond to positive content, in this […]

Meet the Moment with Interim or Outsourced PR and Marketing Communications

Covid-19 has changed us. Companies are building best-of-the-best marketing teams based on talent, not location. Following an affiliation with a PR firm, JD/PR is back as an independent consultancy to help you grow your business with an experienced “strategy first” communications team that you control as your PR and marketing needs change. Contact JD/PR for: […]

A Silver Anvil for J. Davis Public Relations

Two organizations in Maryland won a 2016 Silver Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America Communicators and J. Davis Public Relations is proud to be one of them. The awards were presented during a gala event in New York City June 9 for the program known as the icon of best public relations practices. Working with The Council of […]