Brands Looking for a Simpler Way to Connect

The 2021 Social Media Trends Report by HubSpot and Talkwalker is out, and while it includes multiple TikTok mentions, two predictions stand out. Expect to see a rise in newsletters and podcasts – a return to “old-school marketing” – as brands shift to a simpler way of engaging consumers.

From the report:

Use newsletters to nurture your audience

31% of B2B marketers say newsletters are best for nurturing leads. With creative segmentation of your database, you can have hyper-personalized messaging that really cuts through to the information that your consumers are looking for.

Look for podcast opportunities

Even if creating your own podcast may not be suitable, it’s become such a broad market—there will be one out there suitable for a brand relationship. Interviews and sponsorships give you an opportunity to connect your company to a pre-nurtured, defined audience.

Charlie Birney and Jeff talked about the report on their Practically Social podcast and were especially encouraged by the nod to podcasting. It’s true, podcast audiences listen closely to “their” shows. Earbuds provide an intimate connection, and the more niche your podcast is, the more you should value the presence of each listener.

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