“We are thrilled…”

For those who follow AP Style, which should mean anyone in PR who communicates with the media, note the new guidance the Associated Press released for their “quotations in the news” entry:

☑ In general, use the verb “said.”
☑ The verb “announced” is acceptable when referring to an announcement.
☑ Generally avoid wording such as “claimed,” “admitted,“ “conceded,” etc., which can sound loaded or judgmental.

Most journalism students and reporters already knew to stick with “said,” but congrats to AP for the new guidance.

While we’re at it, let’s discuss another common pitfall – the overuse of “thrilled” in those manufactured quotes. In my role as regional editor with the Capitol Communicator I see this word used in press releases all the time.

The definition of “thrilled” is to experience a surge of intense excitement and pleasure.

Did your CEO really feel that surge over a new hire? Is your CMO genuinely “thrilled” about a product enhancement?

Tone it down, get a real quote and your press release will be more believable.

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