Practically Social Episode 37: Opposite the Editorial Page

Yes, that’s what op-ed stands for! In this episode of the Practically Social podcast, Jeff shared the latest thinking on op-eds, thanks to a National Press Club webinar he attended featuring op-ed experts Sam Ryan and Robby Schrum of Keybridge Communications. Takeaways included “don’t yell” and “don’t be boring.” Listen for more tips, including:

  • Stick to one topic and make one point.
  • Don’t bother with the jargon.
  • Does it look like an op-ed? Editors get 200 submissions a day so make it easy for them to keep yours in the “maybe” pile.
  • Around 700 words max; 550 words is the sweet spot.
  • The query letter can be more important than the op-ed submission.
  • Follow up and move on.

Also, co-host Charlie Birney recorded this episode from Studio M2 on M Street and gave a shout out to podcaster Anne Pasmanick whose Power Station turns 150! (episodes). One of the very first clients we had when Podcast Village restarted in Glover Park,  Anne saw past our literal sawdust and had an amazing vision for a show that would talk about community needs and so much more. And now she has hosted over 150 episodes of this unique and important show. Charlie often talks about Power Station to his friends and wished all high school and college seniors would be asked to listen to any three episodes. It will change your perspective.

As always, you are encouraged to listen and subscribe to Practically Social wherever you download your favorite podcasts. Available on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.

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