JD/PR Book Review: ‘The Business of Podcasting’

I have read many books on social media, PR and other communications topics so it’s time to share my thoughts via short reviews. Here’s my first one, The Business of Podcasting by Steve Lubetkin and Donna Papacosta.

I started off thinking, “OK, another how-to book on podcasting, aren’t there lots of those on Amazon already?” But as I got into it, what struck me were three things, beginning with the practicality of the content with all the links and recommendations on current resources.

I also appreciated the advice on what the authors called “monetization,” essentially bringing us down to earth, as in: “don’t quit your day job, thinking you’re about to produce the next Serial.”

But the biggest value to me was this: I thought, thanks for all this info, but speaking of monetization, can you make any money via podcasting? What can you charge for these services? I figured the book would leave me hanging, but as I kept reading, Donna and Steve delivered – with actual descriptions of podcast production services, templates for proposal content and even recommended fees for various levels of consulting and podcast production. That alone is what makes this book so useful.