J. Davis Public Relations, LLC’s fees for 2023

J. Davis Public Relations, LLC’s fees for 2023 remain unchanged from 2022’s fees and are as follows:

Public Relations services: $235 per hour

Includes consultation and planning, development of content, creation of media lists, media outreach and fulfillment, social media consulting, content, monitoring and reporting.

Routine out-of-pocket expenses for items such as travel (IRS standard mileage rate), and parking will be invoiced net as accrued. Estimates for larger program expenses such as media monitoring services, paid wire service fees, paid media, photography/design and paid social media will be submitted for client approval prior to proceeding.

Crisis PR services: $325 per hour

Representation commences when we receive from you a retainer in the amount of $5,000. JD/PR will draw against those funds to pay our monthly invoices containing entries with respect to the crisis until the full retainer has been so applied, and we will send to you copies of those invoices for your information. Upon depletion of the retainer, we will so advise you, and you agree to pay all further statements upon receipt. Any unused portion of the retainer will be subject to repayment by us if, upon cessation of our representation on this matter, the amount of our fees for work done and costs incurred that remain unpaid do not equal the amount of the retainer then held by us. Under such circumstances, the balance of the retainer would then be returned to you when our representation of you on this matter ceases.

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