Traditional Media

As a former daily newspaper reporter, Jeffrey Davis of JD/PR has insights into what the media is looking for and the best ways to tell your story.

Media Relations Services:

  • Messaging that resonates with the media
  • Tools: Fact Sheets; Images; Press Releases
  • Media lists
  • Paid wire service
  • Strategies for effective media outreach
  • Media monitoring
  • Amplification of coverage via social media

Why not rehearse (and make mistakes) in your conference room vs. “winging it” when the cameras are rolling?

Sample JD/PR Media Training Session Agenda:

  • Overview of Media
  • Definitions of “News”
  • What Makes Reporters Tick
  • The Soundbite
  • Softball/So-So/Gotcha Questions
  • How to Prepare for an Interview
  • Taped Mock Interviews to Practice Message Delivery