‘The Guide to Maryland Media on Twitter’

Here it is! Jeff’s “Guide to Maryland Media on Twitter” (2019 edition). In the spirit of social media sharing, I created this list in 2008, launched it on January 1, 2009 and have done my best to maintain it ever since.

Stand by for 2019 updates, coming soon.

Have Any Names to Share?

If so, let me know via email or comment at the end of this blog post.

Finally, if you would like to view all of these accounts in one location, follow Jeff’s list –http://twitter.com/#/list/contactjeff/baltimore-media — a cool way to see what ALL  members of the Maryland media are collectively tweeting. A one-stop news channel and an especially handy way to follow a breaking news story and to get the collective tweets from all who cover the region!

Anne Arundel County
Eye on Annapolis – http://twitter.com/eyeonannapolis (John Frenaye)
WNAV – http://twitter.com/1430WNAV (News)

Annapolis – The Capital (and Maryland Gazette)
Bottalico, Brandi — http://twitter.com/BrandiBot (Nighttime GA)
Cook, Chase — http://twitter.com/chaseacook (City Hall)
DeButts, Jimmy – http://twitter.com/jd3217 (Community Editor)

Furgurson, Pat — http://twitter.com/ebfIII (Suburban/Weather)
Hainesworth, Sarah — http://twitter.com/Sarahcapgaznews (Features)

Huang, Cindy — http://twitter.com/ChuangCapGaz (Education)
Hutzell, Rick — http://twitter.com/HutzellRick (Editor)
Jedra, Christina — http://twitter.com/ChristinaJedra (MD Gazette)
Pratt, Tim – http://twitter.com/TPratt_Capital (Breaking News/Police/Fire)
Prudente, Tim – http://twitter.com/TimPrudente1 (Naval Acad., Environment)
Sauers, Elisha – http://twitter.com/elishasauers (State House/Enterprise)
Winslow, Teri – http://twitter.com/teriwinslow
Winters, Wendi – http://twitter.com/wendiwinters (Community News)
Weathers, Ben – http://twitter.com/BenW_TheCapital (Legal Affairs)
Woodards, Shantee’ – http://twitter.com/woo_sha (Business and Capital Style)
Yeager, Amanda — https://twitter.com/amandacyeager (County Govt.)

Capital Staff Newsroom – http://twitter.com/capgaznews
Maryland Gazette Newsroom – http://twitter.com/MDGazette

Baltimore Business Journal
BBJ – http://twitter.com/bbjonline (News)
Dinkel, John – http://twitter.com/johndinkel (President & Publisher)
Gantz, Sarah – http://twitter.com/BaltBizSarah (Healthcare & Tech)
House, April – http://twitter.com/AprilHouse (Graphic Design)
Munshaw, Jon — http://twitter.com/BaltBizJon (Associate Editor)
Sandoval, Timothy – http://twitter.com/BaltBizLists (Research Director)
Seltzer, Rick – http://twitter.com/BaltBizRick (Public Cos., Politics, General)
Sharrow, Ryan – http://twitter.com/rsharrow (Managing Editor)
Simmons, Melody – http://twitter.com/SimmonsMelody
Simmons, Melody —http://twitter.com/BaltBizRE (RE and Economic Dev.)
Sullivan, Joanna – http://twitter.com/BaltBizEditor (Editor)

Capitol Communicator
Davis, Jeff – http://twitter.com/contactjeff (Baltimore Regional Editor)
Capitol Communicator News – http://twitter.com/CapitolCom

Star-Democrat (Easton, Md.)
Bollinger, Josh – http://twitter.com/jboll_stardem (Politics/Environment)
Maki, Greg – http://twitter.com/Greg_stardem (Weekend Editor)
Polk, Chris – http://twitter.com/chrisp_stardem (Reporter)
Sharp, Andrew – http://twitter.com/andrew_stardem (Night Editor)
Willis, Katie – http://twitter.com/kwillis_stardem (Reporter)
Ziegler, Bethany – http://twitter.com/Bethany_stardem (Community News)

Star Democrat News – http://twitter.com/stardem_news

The Sun
Alatzas, Trif – http://twitter.com/trifalatzas (Executive Editor, SVP)
Ambrose, Eileen – http://twitter.com/eileenambrose (Personal Finance)
Anderson, Jessica – http://twitter.com/janders5 (Balt. Co. Police/Courts)
Assaf, Christopher – http://twitter.com/ctassaf (Photo/Video Ed.)
Arundel Sun – http://twitter.com/Arundel_Sun (AA County Bureau)
Badie, Jennifer – http://twitter.com/JenniferBadie (Education Editor)
BaltFindLocal – http://twitter.com/BaltFindLocal (Metromix)
BaltSunHealth – http://twitter.com/BaltSunHealth (Health Updates)
Barker, Jeff – http://twitter.com/SunJeffBarker (Sports)
Bowie, Liz – http://twitter.com/lizbowie (Education)
Bracken, Matt – http://twitter.com/mattbracken (Sports)
Broadwater, Luke – http://twitter.com/lukebroadwater (City Hall)
Brown, Matthew Hay – http://twitter.com/matthewhaybrown (Politics/Gov’t Ed)
Brown, Sloane – http://twitter.com/sloanebrown (Society)
Burris, Joe – http://twitter.com/patienceofjoe (Good Life)
Calvert, Scott – http://twitter.com/scottmcalvert (Maryland Scenes)
Campbell, Colin – http://www.twitter.com/cmcampbell6 (Night)
Catalini, Mike – http://twitter.com/mikecatalini (Multi-Media Content)
Cohn, Meredith – http://twitter.com/mercohn (Enviro/Health/Fitness)

Connolly, Dan – http://twitter.com/danconnollysun (Orioles)
Cox, Erin – http://twitter.com/ErinatTheSun (State House)
Consuming Interests – http://twitter.com/ConSumInterests (Blog)
Dance, Scott – http://twitter.com/ssdance (Reporter)
Deal, Michelle – http://twitter.com/suntravelblog (Travel)
Dresser, Michael – http://twitter.com/michaeltdresser (MD Government)
Duncan, Ian – http://twitter.com/iduncan (Federal & City Courts
Earley, Steve – http://twitter.com/stephencearley (Social/Mobile/Blog)
Fenton, Justin – http://twitter.com/justin_fenton (Crime)
Fritz, Ron – http://twitter.com/ronfritz (Sports)
Fritze, John – http://twitter.com/jfritze (D.C.)
Fuller, Nicole – http://twitter.com/nicoleatthesun (Reporter)
George, Justin – http://twitter.com/justingeorge (Crime)
Gould, Steve – http://twitter.com/stevegould (Sports)
Green, Andy – http://twitter.com/andrewagreen (Head of Opinion)
Green, Erica L. – http://twitter.com/EricaLG (Education)
Hamilton, Bob – http://twitter.com/bob_hamilton (Photog.)
Hensley, Jamison – http://twitter.com/jamisonhensley (Ravens)
Herman, Peter – http://twitter.com/phscoop (Police)
Hopkins, Jamie Smith – http://twitter.com/realestatewonk (R.E.)
Hubert-Allen, Olivia – http://twitter.com/hubertallen (Audience Engagement)
Jackson, Jerry – http://twitter.com/fotoj (Photojournalist)
Jones, Brent – http://twitter.com/bjones557 (General Assgmt.)
Jones, Dean Jr. – http://twitter.com/deanjonesjr (Sports)
Judge, Jay – http://twitter.com/jayjudge (Head of Visuals)
Kasper, Rob – http://twitter.com/robkasper (Food & Beverage)
Kelber, Sarah – http://twitter.com/realityck (Reality TV blog)
Klinedinst, Phil – http://twitter.com/philklinedinst (Copy Desk Chief)
Knezevich, Alison – http://twitter.com/aliknez (Baltimore County)
Korman, Chris – http://twitter.com/ChrisKorman (Sports Content)
Maki, Justine – http://twitter.com/justinemaki (Home Page Editor)
Marton, Adam – http://twitter.com/adam_marton (Interactive Designer)
Maynard, Patrick – http://twitter.com/patrickmaynard (Producer)
Maza, Erik – http://twitter.com/erik_maza (G.A., Nightlife)
Maza, Erik – http://twitter.com/midnightsunblog
McIntyre, John – http://twitter.com/johnemcintyre (Night Ed.)
McNatt, Glenn – http://twitter.com/glennmcnatt (Opinion)
Mirabella, Lorraine – http://twitter.com/lmirabella (RE, Local Media)
Pyles, Alexander – http://twitter.com/aapyles (High School Sports Ed)
Ratner, Andy – http://twitter.com/aratner1 (Features Editor)
Rector, Kevin – http://twitter.com/RectorSun (Morning/Breaking News)
Reimer, Susan – http://twitter.com/susanreimer (Columnist)
Rodricks, Dan – http://twitter.com/MiddayRodricks (Columnist)
Rosen, Andy – http://twitter.com/andyrosen (Content Editor)
Rosen, Jill – http://twitter.com/jillrosen (Features)
Rosenthal, Dave – http://twitter.com/readstreet (Lifestyle & Ent.)
Roylance, Frank – http://twitter.com/froylance (Science)
Scharper, Julie – http://twitter.com/juliemore (Features)
Schmuck, Peter – http://twitter.com/SchmuckStop (Sports)
Shatzkin, Kate – http://twitter.com/Charmcitymoms (Parent/Family)
Siegel, Andrea – http://twitter.com/realwriter (Features)
Smitherman, Laura – http://twitter.com/lsmitherman (Head of MD News)
Sweigard, Pete – http://twitter.com/petesweigard (Audience Engagement)
Sun – http://twitter.com/BaltSunArts (Arts & Entertainment)
Sun – http://twitter.com/bmorecurrent (Blogs)
Sun – http://twitter.com/sundigitalsubs (Digital Subscriptions)
Sun –  http://twitter.com/baltimoresun (News Updates)
Sun – http://twitter.com/baltsunlive (Live Events)
Sun – http://twitter.com/BaltSunSports (Sports)
Sun Video – http://twitter.com/baltsunvid (Images & Audio)
Sweeney, Gene Jr. – http://twitter.com/checkeredflag01 (Racing)
Van Valkenburg, Kevin – http://twitter.com/KVanValkenburg (Sports Writer)
Walker, Andrea – http://twitter.com/ankwalker (Health and Medicine)
Wells, Carrie – http://twitter.com/cwellssun (Higher Ed, Gen’l Assignment)
Wenger, Yvonne – http://twitter.com/yvonnewenger (City Hall)
Wheeler, Tim – http://twitter.com/TBWheeler (Environment)
Williams, IV John-John – http://twitter.com/popcouturejjw4 (Pop)
Wood, Pamela – http://twitter.com/pwoodreporter (Baltimore County)
Workman, Michael – http://twitter.com/michaelworkman (Director, Interactive Design)
Zurawik, David – http://twitter.com/davidzurawik (Television/Media Critic)

b (publication has closed)
b – http://twitter.com/bthesite
Bartel, Jordan – http://twitter.com/jordanbartel (Asst. Editor)
Broadwater, Luke – http://twitter.com/LukeBroadwater (M.E.)
Case, Wesley – http://twitter.com/wesleycase (Presentation Architect)
Chapman, Alisia – http://twitter.com/alisiachapman (Managing Editor)
Krista, Brian – http://twitter.com/briankrista (Photographer)
Nelson, Christopher – http://twitter.com/cenelson08 (b the site)
Richardson, Marissa – http://twitter.com/wranglinrissa
Sapiro, Adam – http://twitter.com/asapadam (Production Editor)
Tallent, Anne – http://twitter.com/anne3000 (Editor)
Vensel, Matt – http://twitter.com/mattvensel (Sports)
Wong, Tim – http://twitter.com/twong911 (Art Director)

The Daily Record
Daily Record – http://twitter.com/mddailyrecord (News Updates)
Bednar, Adam – http://twitter.com/Bmorejourno (RE/Development)
Baden, Thomas – http://twitter.com/tombaden (Editor)
Cobun, Heather – http://twitter.com/hcobun (Legal Affairs)
Dickard, Stephanie – http://twitter.com/stephbaltimore (Digital Content)
Fischer-Huettner, Suzanne – http://twitter.com/huttner35 (Publisher)
Jacobs, Danny – http://twitter.com/TDRDanny (Legal Editor)
Kirkwood, Lauren – http://twitter.com/lauren_kirkwood (Biz of Law)
Lash, Steve – http://twitter.com/Steve_Lash (Appellate Courts)
Leaderman, Dan – http://twitter.com/danielleaderman (Business)
Roy, Anamika – http://twitter.com/anamikaroy (Fin Svs/Entrepreneurs)
Bryan P. Sears – http://twitter.com/bpsears (Government)
Whong, Jason – http://twitter.com/jbwhong (Digital Editor)

ESPN – http://twitter.com/ESPNRadio1300 (Sports)

WBAL-AM – http://twitter.com/wbal (Chris Beauchamp)
WBAL-AM – http://twitter.com/wbalradio (News Alerts)
WBAL-AM Angela Jackson – http://twitter.com/angielbaltimore
WBAL-AM Rob Lang – http://twitter.com/reporterroblang

WCBM Sean Casey – http://twitter.com/seanandfrank
WCBM Tom Moore – http://twitter.com/tommooreradio

WEAA-FM – http://twitter.com/talkshowguy (Anthony McCarthy)
95.1 Shine FM – http://twitter.com/951SHINEFM
98 Rock – http://twitter.com/98Rock
WLOY – http://twitter.com/WLOYLoyolaRadio

WMMX – http://twitter.com/Mix1065FM
WMMX Jojo and Reagan – http://twitter.com/JojoAndReagan

WPOC – http://twitter.com/LaurieDeYoung (Laurie DeYoung)
WRBS – http://twitter.com/AM1230WRBS
WRNR-FM – http://twitter.com/103WRNR

WTMD 89.7 FM – http://twitter.com/WTMD
WTMD 89.7 FM – http://twitter.com/AmyWoo (Membership Director)

WTOP 103.5 FM – http://twitter.com/MDNews_WTOP (Md. News)

WYPR 88.1 FM – http://twitter.com/wypr881FM
Midday WYPR – http://twitter.com/MiddayWYPR
WYPR 88.1 FM – http://twitter.com/PKBNews (P. Kenneth Burns)

1370 AM – http://twitter.com/davemchugh (Sports)

105.7 FM – http://twitter.com/1057TheFan (Sports)
105.7 FM Ed Norris Show – http://twitter.com/EdNorrisShow

Traffic – Radio & TV
Sarah Caldwell – http://twitter.com/SarahWBAL
Jim Russ (WBAL) – http://twitter.com/JimWBALTraffic
Dave Sandler (WBAL) – http://twitter.com/detourwbal
Kristy Breslin (WJZ) – http://twitter.com/WJZKBreslin
Rob Base (92Q) – http://twitter.com/RobBase92Q
Candace Dold (Fox 45) –  http://twitter.com/candacedFox45
Lauren Cook (WMAR) – http://twitter.com/LaurenCookABC2

WBAL TV – http://twitter.com/wbaltv11
WBAL TV Court – http://twitter.com/wbaltv_court

WBAL-TV Beverly Epstein – http://twitter.com/bepstein11 (Assignment)
WBAL-TV Chris Dachille – http://twitter.com/WBALDash (Exec. Sports)
WBAL-TV Donna Hamilton – http://twitter.com/hamiltonhabitat (Anchor)
WBAL-TV Nikole Killion – http://twitter.com/NikolenDC (Hearst Nat’l)
WBAL-TV Ava Marie – http://twitter.com/AvaWBAL (Weather)
WBAL-TV Lowell Melser – http://twitter.com/Lowell_Melser (Weather/Reporter)
WBAL-TV Lowell Melser – http://twitter.com/MelserWBAL (Weather/Reporter)
WBAL-TV Tony Pann – http://twitter.com/tonypann (Weather)
WBAL-TV Gerry Sandusky – http://twitter.com/GerrySandusky (Sports)

WBFF-Fox 45 Jon Conway – http://twitter.com/Conway45 (Photojournalist)
WBFF-FOX45 Candace Dold –  http://twitter.com/candacedFox45 (Traffic/Entertainment)
WBFF-Fox 45 – http://twitter.com/loki_74 (News Producer)
WBFF-Fox 45 – http://twitter.com/FOXBaltimore

WJZ – http://twitter.com/cbsbaltimore
WJZ Gigi Barnett – http://twitter.com/GigiBarnettWJZ (Weekend Anchor)
WJZ Marty Bass – http://twitter.com/mondobasso
WJZ Dave Block – http://twitter.com/dblockwjz

WJZ Mary Bubala – http://twitter.com/marybubala (Anchor/Reporter)
WJZ Jeremy Freedenberg – http://twitter.com/jfreeden (Producer)

WJZ Chelsea Ingram – http://twitter.com/ChelseaWeather (Weather)
WJZ Jessica Kartalija – http://twitter.com/WJZKartalija (Anchor/Reporter)
WJZ Ron Matz – http://twitter.com/RonMatzWJZ (Reporter/Manic Monday)
WJZ Susan Otradovec – http://twitter.com/otrados (Public Affairs)
WJZ Rochelle Ritchie – http://twitter.com/rochelleWJZ (Gen’l Assignment)
WJZ Mike Schuh http://twitter.com/mikeschuh (Reporter)
WJZ Derek Valcourt – http://twitter.com/DEREKVALCOURT (Reporter)

WMAR-TV – http://twitter.com/ABC2NEWS
WMAR-TV – http://twitter.com/ABC2_ALERTS (Breaking News)
WMAR-TV M. Daniel Allman – http://twitter.com/DannyatABC2 (Assignment)
WMAR-TV Amy Aubert – http://twitter.com/AmyFromABC2 (Reporter)
WMAR-TV Michelle Bernard – http://twitter.com/VMBernardABC2 (Web)
WMAR-TV Allison Bourg – http://twitter.com/abourg_abc2 (Digital Reporter)
WMAR-TV Katrina Bush – http://twitter.com/katrinafromABC2 (Reporter)
WMAR-TV Larry Carney – http://twitter.com/larrycarney (Multimedia)
WMAR-TV Lynette Charles – http://twitter.com/LynetteFromABC2 (Weather)
WMAR-TV Cheryl Conner – http://twitter.com/CherylfromABC2 (Reporter)
WMAR-TV Lauren Cook – http://twitter.com/LaurenCookABC2 (Traffic)
WMAR-TV Jamie Costello – http://twitter.com/JamiefromABC2
WMAR-TV Charles Crowson – http://twitter.com/CharleyfromABC2
WMAR-TV Chris Cunningham – http://twitter.com/PhotogChris (Cameraman)
WMAR-TV Kirsten Dize – http://twitter.com/kirstendize (Digital Content Prod.)
WMAR-TV Rachel Duncan – http://twitter.com/RachelfromABC2 (Exec. Prod.)
WMAR-TV Wyatt Everhart – http://twitter.com/WyattEverhart
WMAR-TV Katie Galla – http://twitter.com/katiegalla (Director of News)
WMAR-TV Siobhan Garrett – http://twitter.com/siobhangarrett5 (News Producer)
WMAR-TV Kelly Groft – http://twitter.com/KellyfromABC2 (News Dir.)
WMAR-TV Jeff Hager – http://twitter.com/JefffromABC2 (Reporter)
WMAR-TV Don Harrison – http://twitter.com/DiscofromABC2 (Anne Arundel/Eastern Shore)
WMAR-TV Jeff Herman – http://twitter.com/JeffABC2News (M.E.)
WMAR-TV Bill Hooper – http://twitter.com/wbhooper (VP/GM)
WMAR-TV Calvin Johnson – http://twitter.com/CalvinABC2News (Exec. Prod.)
WMAR-TV Sherrie Johnson – http://twitter.com/SherriefromABC2 (Education)
WMAR-TV Christian Keller – http://twitter.com/TV_Director (Director)
WMAR-TV Megan Knight – http://twitter.com/meganmknight (GMM Assoc Prod)
WMAR-TV Brian Kuebler – http://twitter.com/BrianfromABC2 (Reporter)
WMAR-TV Roosevelt Leftwich – http://twitter.com/leftwichabc2
WMAR-TV Mike Masco – http://twitter.com/MikeMasco (Weather)
WMAR-TV Nicki Mayo – http://twitter.com/TheListNicki (The List Show)
WMAR-TV Dave McHugh – http://twitter.com/davemchugh
WMAR-TV Erik Neilsen – http://twitter.com/ErikfromABC2 (Photographer)
WMAR-TV Michael Quander – http://twitter.com/MikeQReports (Assignment)
WMAR-TV Christian Schaffer – http://twitter.com/ChrisfromABC2
WMAR-TV Bryan Sinagra – http://twitter.com/BMoreBryanABC2 (News Webmaster)
WMAR-TV Linda So – http://twitter.com/LindafromABC2 (Health/Medical)
WMAR-TV Joce Sterman – http://twitter.com/JocefromABC2
WMAR-TV Kelly Swoope – http://twitter.com/SwoopefromABC2
WMAR-TV Elizabeth Tarrier – http://twitter.com/etarrier (Assignment Editor)
WMAR-TV Dan Taylor – http://twitter.com/dstaylo1 (AM Exec. Producer)
WMAR-TV Brian Troutman – http://twitter.com/TroutmanABC2 (EP New Media)
WMAR-TV Dustin Wadsworth – http://twitter.com/DustinfromABC2 (Dir, New Media)
WMAR-TV Lamont Williams – http://www.LamontfromABC2 (Chief Photographer)

WUSA 9 TV Scott Broom – http://twitter.com/scottbroom

My24Network – http://twitter.com/my24baltimore
MPT – http://twitter.com/marylandpubtv
MPT Jeff Salkin – http://twitter.com/wallstreetweek

Baltimore Magazine – http://twitter.com/Baltimoremag
Baltimore Magazine – http://twitter.com/maxthegirl (Max Weiss)
Charmed Magazine – http://twitter.com/CHARMEDMAG
Chesapeake Life – http://twitter.com/chesapeakelife
Lacrosse Magazine – http://twitter.com/clochary (Clare Lochary)
Maryland Family – http://twitter.com/Marylandfamily
Maryland Life – http://twitter.com/MarylandLife
Maryland Life – http://twitter.com/DanPatrell (Editor)
Smart Woman – http://twitter.com/smart_woman
STYLE Magazine – http://twitter.com/StyleMagazine (Brian Lawrence)
STYLE Magazine – http://twitter.com/Style_Maven (“LL”)
STYLE Magazine – http://twitter.com/StyleAve (Sarah Gilbert Fox)
STYLE Magazine – http://twitter.com/socialspeaking (Anne Boone-Simanski)
Taste of the Bay – http://twitter.com/TasteoftheBay
Urbanite – http://twitter.com/urbaniteMD
What’s Up? – http://twitter.com/whatsupmags

News Feeds/Online Pubs/Bots/Freelancers/Other
Afro-American http://twitter.com/afronews
Afro-American http://twitter.com/afronewsevents (Live Events)

Associated Press – http://twitter.com/apakell (Amanda Kell/Reg’l Ed.)
Associated Press – http://twitter.com/APBenNuckols (Ben Nuckols)

Armstrong, Mario – http://twitter.com/marioarmstrong (Technology)

Baltidome – http://twitter.com/Baltidome (Green News)
Baltimore Brew – http://twitter.com/BaltimoreBrew (Fern Shen)
Baltimore Eats – http://twitter.com/baltimoreeats
Baltimore Examiner – http://twitter.com/bmoreexaminer
Baltimore Examiner – http://twitter.com/CharmCitySean (Sean O’Donnell)
Baltimore Jewish Times – http://twitter.com/jewishtimes
Baltimore Jewish Times – http://twitter.com/BarbPash
Baltimore Jewish Times – http://twitter.com/neilrubin (Editor)
Baltimore Local – http://twitter.com/baltimorelocal
Baltimore News – http://twitter.com/Baltimore_News
Bmore Media – http://twitter.com/BmoreMedia
Bmore Media – http://twitter.com/BmoreMediaME
Bmore Media – http://twitter.com/julekha (Julekha Dash)

Capital News Service – http://twitter.com/CNSMd
Catholic Review – http://twitter.com/CatholicReview
Carol Sorgen – http://twitter.com/BaltimoreWriter (Freelance Journalist)

Real Estate – http://twitter.com/JayRickey (Commercial RE from the SEC)

City Paper – http://twitter.com/city_paper

Downtown Diane – http://twitter.com/downtowndiane (Ent/Food/Travel)

Exhibit A – http://twitter.com/ExhibitABalt (online law news)

Gazette – http://twitter.com/SarahBGaz (politics)

Inside Charm City – http://twitter.com/insidecharmcity
Investigative Voice – http://twitter.com/InvestigativeV (Stephen Janis)
Investigative Voice – http://twitter.com/BaltoSpectator (“Crime Writer”)

JHU Press – http://twitter.com/JHUPress

‘Maryland Moment’ – http://twitter.com/marylandmoment (Post Blog)
Maryland Morning – http://twitter.com/MarylandMorning
MASN Sports – http://twitter.com/kate_wheeler (M.E., Os Buzz Blog)
MD Politics Today – http://twitter.com/mdpolitics
MD Reporter – http://twitter.com/MDReporter (Editors)
MD Reporter – http://twitter.com/lenlazarick (Len Lazarick)
MD Reporter – http://twitter.com/meganpoinski (Megan Poinski)

Technical.ly Baltimore – http://twitter.com/stephenbabcock (Stephen Babcock)

North Baltimore Patch – http://twitter.com/Bmorejourno (Adam Bednar)
Patch.com – http://twitter.com/DougDonovan (Balto. & Harford Editor)
Patch.com – http://twitter.com/nickdimarco (Nick DiMarco, Timonium Editor)
Patch.com – http://twitter.com/TimoniumPatch (Lutherville/Timonium)

Patuxent Publishing
Managing Editor – http://twitter.com/sunjack (Jack Gibbons)
Maryland Family/Howard Magazine Editor – http://twitter.com/JenBroadwater
Social Media Editor – http://twitter.com/patuxentchuck (Charles Schelle)

Explore Baltimore County
General News – http://twitter.com/explorebaltco
Clary, Craig – http://twitter.com/ClaryBCSports (Sports)
Coffin, Nelson – http://twitter.com/CoffinBCSports (Sports)
Conlin, Brian – http://twitter.com/CTimes_Brian (Catonsville, Arbutus)
Fulbright, Lauren – http://twitter.com/Lauren_CTimes (Catonsville, Arbutus)
Thompson, Jay – http://twitter.com/PatuxentJay (General Assignment)
Worgo, Tom – http://twitter.com/worgobcsports (Sports)

Explore Carroll Co. – http://twitter.com/explorecarroll 
Explore Howard Co. – http://twitter.com/explorehoward

Press Box – http://twitter.com/PressBoxOnline

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