Crisis Communications

JD/PR offers a full range of crisis communications services, from plan development and training sessions to roll-up-your-sleeves assistance when things go wrong.

Real-life crisis communications experience includes:

  • An educational institution whose top administrator was charged with sexual harassment.
  • Insider trading allegations involving an organization’s executive director.
  • Death at a national ski resort.
  • A high profile dispute involving a landmark building.
  • Bankruptcy fallout affecting a company’s online reputation.
  • Allegations of sexual harassment against organization’s leader.
  • Controversial approval process for commercial real estate project.
  • Issues management in connection with Duke lacrosse case.
  • Accusations of mismanagement by members of management team for a Washington, D.C. attraction.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning and death at a housing project.
  • Injury of a fan at a major sporting event in Baltimore.